Ship to your customers with ease 

When shipping your orders, please make sure you are using clean packaging and that all items are nicely packed.
We invite you to add any marketing material in your package.  If you have any giveaways, that is also a great way to earn customer loyalty.  Reach out to us directly if you need any help sourcing your packaging needs, or if you would like any advice on how to effectively pack and ship your items.

Your seller dashboard has a 'Print Invoice' link, which you should use as a packing slip/receipt for your customers.
Once you fulfill an order, make sure that you update it on the seller dashboard.  Please enter any tracking number as well.

Use Paypal to create and print your labels at a discounted rate.  Create a free account if needed, and follow this link:

Shippo is a great shipping tool. Open an account for free and receive great discount for all your shipping labels.

Feel free to use any other shipping method that is convenient for you.

To make things easier, we have created the Kourtly Shipping service.
Through Kourtly Shipping, you can have us save you time:
- we select the optimal shipping method for your orders at a discounted rate;
- we create the shipping label;
- we email it directly to you , so all you have left to do is press print.

The cost of the shipping label will directly be deducted from your sale, and the $10 monthly charge will only be applied on the second label we print for you within the same calendar month. If you select Kourtly Shipping and you only get one order within a calendar month, you will not be charge the $10 fee.

To enroll, simply email us at and let us know that you would like to take advantage of the service.

Shipping in a timely fashion is essential. Ship all your orders quickly, mark them as fulfilled in your dashboard, and make sure to include the tracking number.

If you are short in stock for any reason, and unable to fill an order,
please inform us right away at, or call us at 888-444-2182.