Terms of Use - Seller Policy

Kourtly is a marketplace where you can sell your products and services to customers in your community and around the country. Our goal is to create a transparent community that connects customers with quality products and pro-shops. We want to make sure that you and your customers have a positive experience on Kourtly.

By opening a Kourtly shop, you’re agreeing to this policy.

  1. What Can be Sold on Kourtly
  2. What Is Prohibited on Kourtly
  3. Representing Yourself, Your Shop, and Your Listings Honestly
  4. Communicating on Kourtly
  5. Privacy and Protecting Personal Information
  6. Creating and Uploading Content
  7. Building a Positive Reputation & Providing Great Customer Service
  8. Responding to Requests for Cancellations, Returns, and Exchanges
  9. Payment Processing and Selling Fees
  10. Commission Rates
  11. Pricing Policy
  12. Taxes


  1. What Can be Sold on Kourtly

Kourtly is an online platform to promote the goods and services provided by clubs, shops and brands. All Sellers are approved to join the platform by the Kourtly administrative team. In order to be selected to be a Kourtly Seller you must submit an application to become a Seller.

If you are a Seller, you agree that:

    1. That the items you sell Kourtly are in pristine condition and are accurately depicted on the platform.
    2. You accurately describe your products and services so that customers can have the best buying experience.
    3. You are using clear and accurate product and club photos.
    4. You will update the products and services on your Kourtly store as often as needed so that they are accurate and up-to-date.


  1. What Is Prohibited on Kourtly

All items sold on Kourtly must be accurately advertised to customers. If products are services listed on Kourtly are not consistent with the Seller description, Kourtly can ask for that item or service to be removed. If the Kourtly administrative team believes an item should be removed from the site for any reason Seller will expediently comply with the request for the Kourtly administrative team.


  1. Representing Yourself, Your Shop, and Your Listings Honestly

At Kourtly, we value transparency. Transparency means that you honestly and accurately represent yourself, your items, and your business.

By selling on Kourtly, you agree that you will:

    1. Provide honest, accurate information in your Store section. 
    2. Honor our Seller Policy. 
    3. Accurately represent your products and services in listings and listing photos.


  1. Communicating on Kourtly

You can to communicate directly with your buyers or other Kourtly members. Direct Messaging (DM) on Kourtly is a great way for buyers to ask you questions about an item or an order.

DM may not be used for the following activities:

    1. Sending unsolicited advertising or promotions, requests for donations, or spam;
    2. Harassing or abusing another member;
    3. Contacting someone after they have explicitly asked you not to; or
    4. Interfering with a transaction or the business of another member.


  1. Privacy and Protecting Personal Information

    You are responsible for protecting members’ personal information you receive or process, and you must comply with all relevant legal requirements. This includes applicable data protection and privacy laws that govern the ways in which you can use Kourtly user information. These laws may require that you post and comply with your own privacy policy, which must be accessible to Kourtly users with whom you interact. Your privacy policy must be compatible with this policy.


    1. Creating and Uploading Content

    As a member of Kourtly, you have the opportunity to create and upload content. In order to keep our community safe and respectful, you agree that you will not upload content that is:

      1. Abusive, threatening, defamatory, harassing, or otherwise anti-discriminatory;
      2. Obscene or vulgar;
      3. In violation of someone else’s privacy; or
      4. False, deceptive, or misleading.

    Should you need any assistance or have questions about uploading listings or content visit your Seller dashboard, the Kourtly FAQ, or other materials such as Kourtly video and primers. The Kourlty administrative team will also be available to answer inquiries at info@Kourtly.com.


    1. Building a Positive Reputation & Providing Great Customer Service

    We expect our Sellers to provide a high level of customer service. By selling on Kourtly, you agree to:

      1.  Honor your shipping and processing times. Sellers are obligated to ship an item or otherwise complete a transaction with a buyer in a prompt manner, unless there is an exceptional circumstance. An explanation of different shipping methods can be found on the Shipping Options page through the Seller dashboard. Kourtly expects all orders to ship or be ready for pickup within 24 hours of the order being placed.
      2. Respond to customers in a timely manner.
      3. If you are unable to complete an order, you must notify the buyer and cancel the order through your Seller dashboard and include a comment why the order could not be fulfilled at this time.
      4. If Sellers repeatedly cancel orders, your participation in Kourtly will be reviewed by the platform administrative team.


    1. Responding to Requests for Cancellations, Returns, and Exchanges

      If you are unable to complete a transaction, you must notify the buyer via the Seller dashboard and cancel the transaction. If the buyer already submitted payment, you must issue a full refund via your Seller dashboard. You are encouraged to keep proof of any refunds in the event a dispute arises. All cancellations are subject to further review by the administrative team.

      Please reference the Shipping Options page on your Seller dashboard in regards processing returns and exchanges.


      1. Payment Processing and Seller Fees

      Your Seller's fee is currently set at 5%, which covers the credit card and order processing fees as well as some of Kourtly's platform fees. If you elect to have Kourtly handle the shipping label portion of the order, the cost of the label will be deducted from the payout. If you select Kourtly Shipping or any service we offer, you will be notified of any additional cost associated with your selection. For any calendar month during which a Seller's total orders exceed $1,000, a $30 fee will be applied to the account for that month.


      1. Pricing

      As a seller, you are able to set pricing for your products as you see fit. Keep in mind that sales taxes are not added to the order when a shopper checks out, and sellers should factor that amount into the price of each item. Since Kourtly offers free shipping for orders over $50, sellers may want to factor that in as well.


      1. Taxes

      As mention in the Pricing section, Kourtly does not currently charge for sales taxes separately from the order price. Therefore, the price of each item listed should include any potential sales tax, and as a seller, you are responsible for computing and filing all sales tax payments and forms at your sole discretion.


      Kourtly is people-powered commerce. Our mission is to empower shoppers and business owners thru technology. Kourtly will connect customers and Sellers in an authentic and beneficial way. With Kourtly relationships can be forged and communities made stronger. This is the new e-commerce, designed to build connections and authenticity in an increasingly digital world. Join us on our mission.