Head Graphene Touch Instinct Lite Tennis Racquet

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Generate easy power and swing comfortably with the Graphene Touch Instinct Lite.

With the latest revision of one of the leading racket ranges from HEAD, you can unleash your Instinct!

The addition of Graphene Touch material to the frame makes it more effective at absorbing shock, and vibrations are further reduced with the new grommets. Stability and power are enhanced with the improved cross-section shape of the frame which enlarges the sweet-spot of the racket. The effectiveness of these changes are noticeable immediately. Players can expect easy playability and ferocious power. The redesign is completed with a stunning new deep blue and navy decor.


  • HEAD size US 107 in. Sq
  • Weight 9.5 oz
  • Balance is 0.25 in. Hl with a 340 mm beam
  • Length is 27.2 in
  • String pattern is 16/19