Loriet Fast 4 Open @ Bradenton Country Club

We couldn't have had better weather or a better group of players and spectators for our first Fast 4 Tournament. Congratulations to the winners and a warm thank you to everybody who came out for a great day of tennis.

Loriet Fast 4 Open @ Bradenton Country Club Results:

NTRP Combined Men’s 7.0/8.0 Doubles
Winners: Douglas J. Hicks/ Thomas N. Morrish
Runners-up: Roger D. Meadows/ Conrad Szymanski

NTRP Combined Women’s 8.0 Doubles
Winners: Malika Apple/ Barbara S. Mire
Runners-up: Deanna J. Castro/ Catherine Moye

Mixed Open Doubles
Winners: Amanda W. Rodgers/ Antoine Sanchez
Finalists: Lance Cohen/ Stephanie Kent

Women’s Open Doubles
Winners: Dimana B. Krastevitch/ Kara Kucin
Finalists: Stephanie Kent/ Amanda W. Rodgers

Men’s Open Doubles
Winners: Bradley J. Holt/ Jordan E. Parker
Finalist: Jonathas Sucupira/ Ignacio de Elia